RealistGold: Frequently Asked Questions.

Below you can find a list with frequently asked questions and their answers.
If however, you still have an unanswered question, feel free to contact our livechat which can be found in the bottom right hand corner.

    How soon after ordering will I be able to receive my gold?
  • We pride ourselves in our fast delivery, we aim to deliver ASAP after orders so please contact our chat after ordering.
    Do I need to e-mail/give you ID/register on your site after paying?
  • No. When you pay follow the simple instructions so that your payment can verify and then collect your rs gold.
    Can I order rs gold with a VPN/VPS/Proxy?
  • No, please do not try to as your payments will get rejected.
    Can you middleman my trades or sell me something you advertised in a thread?
  • Yes, contact my Skype live:realistgold and I will be glad to do so.
    Do you buy accounts?
  • No sorry :(
    Can you leave me a feedback/vouch after my transaction?
  • Sure thing! Just leave one for us and ask livechat for one in return =]
    What is G2A Pay?
  • You order on our site and this is tunneled through to our payment processor.
  • G2APay process the payment accordingly and confirm that the payment is settled correctly.
    I had another question
  • Please either read the Terms and Privacy Policy thoroughly, or contact livechat and anything can be made clear.