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Name Comment Date
Salt 150m osrs was super fast and good business. 15th of August, 2017
big bro Trying to make my first trade here, most reviews are positive. So here I go. 22nd of July, 2017
Tyrone KFC N WATER MELON ps thanks for sellin gold 3rd of July, 2017
Deffi Amazing Guy fast delivery no one was faster 27th of June, 2017
Lovegames Fantastic, efficient and very friendly service! So happy I found this site!! 23rd of June, 2017
LoveMaria friendliest transaction! 6th of June, 2017
Pkallday I order all the time!! Quick an easy! Love this site! 4th of June, 2017
jesus sergio is a good cunt ty for trades was fast and easy, great customer service 31st of May, 2017
I Like GP awesome service 31st of May, 2017
Not a bot Good stuff! Delivered within 2 minutes of purchase! 31st of May, 2017
Gert Great site, purchased around 400m+ osrs. Delivery in less than 3 minutes after payment 30th of May, 2017
Atonement Super quick, have made multiple purchases all with ease! 28th of May, 2017
Jordan Awesome quick and safe trading done here! 26th of May, 2017
HARI Amazing service and so fast! 26th of May, 2017
HARI brilliant experience, fast and reliable 24th of May, 2017
Q King Q Very good and quick (if they have stock). =) 24th of May, 2017
Hennessy NUMBER #1 SITE TO GO TO. FAST SERVICE! A+++++++ 24th of May, 2017
Vinz Fast, easy and hassle free transaction! Will come back soon :) 22nd of May, 2017
Danko My nigga sergio was great service. Hospitality at its finest. My mans knows how to seperate the game to a business. Also isn't some mindless robot, we had a convo on some funny high shit and yeah. Ver 22nd of May, 2017
Callum INSTANT delivery, good price thanks! 22nd of May, 2017
Sam Low prices, fast delivery, good service! 10/10 20th of May, 2017
Meco lowest prices compared to most sites i visited! quick and easy process. definitely coming back! 19th of May, 2017
Derek I often come to when I am feeling down, never fails to cheer me up. 18th of May, 2017
reece nice done 25m thank 18th of May, 2017
David Fast, cheap, and easy 18th of May, 2017
Alex Ty fast and good 17th of May, 2017
Viny Smooth and easy! Thanks a lot 17th of May, 2017
Sean Fast and easy, got my money within 5 minutes of purchase going through. 16th of May, 2017
Wavestorm Sergio is my new best friend. I actually love him. 15th of May, 2017
ice9 Fast and easy will be back for more. 15th of May, 2017
WesKBH Great service, fast and you dont have to supply ID ! Cheapest OSRS gold is here. 15th of May, 2017
Sam Quick and easy, A+ 14th of May, 2017
Jean The boyyyy is the goat 14th of May, 2017
Jimbo Great Customer service and delivery speed! Recommended 13th of May, 2017
Chuck Excellent customer service and fast delivery, thank you!! 13th of May, 2017
Jordan Bro, yes you, listen to me carefully, these guys are dope af just trust me buy from them it literally took less than 1 minute to get my 20m, will 100% for sure buy from them again and sergio is a PS4 13th of May, 2017
inter great service will be using again ty 12th of May, 2017
T.W. Awesome, quick, and professional. Will buy again! 12th of May, 2017
Joejoe Third time buying insta gold is wonderful and the chat people are always kind tyvm realistgold you are awesome!:D 11th of May, 2017
bofkontrandom im no bot, good shit , alway fast and support in chat is op, wp boi im loving it palapapa 11th of May, 2017
David Fast, easy gold! 10th of May, 2017
El Oso great service 10th of May, 2017
elbombito amazing service, helped me out when i was hacked 8th of May, 2017
cody best place i ever bought gp from fast and most definitely reliable i will always purchase from here 5th of May, 2017
abdulrahman you guys are PERFECT instant fast gold ty ty love you guys 4th of May, 2017
Hero :d Good service quick easy and cheaper then other sites :o 3rd of May, 2017
Ale Great work! 3rd of May, 2017
DONT BAN ME LOL ima buy all my gold here now lol cheapest and faster then anyone alse iv traded no fees 2nd of May, 2017
Mike Great service! 2nd of May, 2017
henri friendly service has patient and very fast 1st of May, 2017
brandon great and fast and friendly 1st of May, 2017
Hello Realy fast and secure service! Recommend! 30th of April, 2017
R Sergio was very quick and attentive, he answered all of my questions. Other sites didn't take my main form of payment so Sergio helped me until i found another card. 30th of April, 2017
Saiyan ex super mod realist gives ifti dank things 29th of April, 2017
BG Second time I bought gold here. Though I had a hard time finding you guys, I found a receipt of G2A just before I bought from another website. As always, good and fast service! (Weird bug though, but 29th of April, 2017
kindra32 Trusted for sure 28th of April, 2017
Kaapzu Great and fast service! One thing they could approve on is that u could pay with bank but its alright! Love the service <3 28th of April, 2017
Jointhefbi The customer support was awesome and delivery was quick! 27th of April, 2017
Very Moisty If someone is on, instant delivery within literally 2 mins of buying 27th of April, 2017
girriod instant, and insanely reliable. Instant chat with a human on tech support if you have any questions. The absolute best site out there 26th of April, 2017
yana best and fast service. love you 26th of April, 2017
Pavek C Great customer service would highly recommend! Instant delivery 24th of April, 2017
Austin I've purchased gold through realist twice, always a great and smooth experience. Best OS gold website out there! 22nd of April, 2017
Pedro My first rs gold trade and went really fast and smooth. Would recomend. 22nd of April, 2017
isaac i just bought 33m fast without any problem, thanks i will buy from this website from now on :D 22nd of April, 2017
Mitch Amazing Site Always Got Stock And Realist Is Always Helpful Brought From Them Many Times Always 5 Star! 21st of April, 2017
Jonathan LISPner Very good, very cheap, realist does good stuff for me 21st of April, 2017
Drew Transaction was even faster than expected, pleasure to work with. Will use again! 20th of April, 2017
Greg A+ service. I will order again! 19th of April, 2017
German Thanks for the quick and easy trade, cool guys! 18th of April, 2017
The Nuk Best service, Sergio and Realist funny guys hhaha fast service though, always. Thanks guys!!! 18th of April, 2017
Ten Fast & easy, thanks! 16th of April, 2017
Kekastan Sergio traded my gold in less than 30 seconds, will buy again from here FOREVER. 10/10 16th of April, 2017
Evan Fast and great help, 120m in the bank and it only took a few seconds! 15th of April, 2017
live Really friendly customer service quick delivery as well. 15th of April, 2017
Hkn Sold them 600m, they were patient and calm with me even though i'm a noob at bitcoin, Thanks! 14th of April, 2017
Pinoyskillz This website is beast, Absolutely 100% garunteed! 14th of April, 2017
livefordusk insanely quick and easy wish other websites werent such a pain in the ass but thankfully this one is around. 13th of April, 2017
AfkMethods This is honestly the best website for Gold i have ever visited. When i got here i joined the Chat and got the Best customer service i have ever recieved. They repond immediately and let alone have suc 13th of April, 2017
rapped bough 1m nice server 12th of April, 2017
Anon123 Excellent service, always fast, extremely polite and the lowest prices available. Long time customer and I plan to continue! 12th of April, 2017
Cupid Best site ever 12th of April, 2017
talkin shit sergio was the shit, always good to me. site is very trusted bought many of times from these loyal fellas 12th of April, 2017
Mario Quick and easy :)) 10th of April, 2017
Alex very reliable and cheep 10th of April, 2017
Nick Legit, Fast and trusted :D hole thing done in just 1 min! Thanks! <3 8th of April, 2017
Tomas The whole process was quick and smooth without any problems, the support guy told me everything i asked and delivered the gold in a blink of an eye. +rep 7th of April, 2017
DropThatBass Fast Ez & Super Friendly Will order again sometime 7th of April, 2017
Brandon Its great easy and fast! Reliable and they don't bullshit you around 5 stars guys! 7th of April, 2017
Florida Legit site I got my 1m bloodmoney within 5 mins very reliable and on time service 5/5 stars thank you guys 7th of April, 2017
Alex So fast after paying! Literally took only 2 minutes. Will definitely buy from here again. 4th of April, 2017
Griffen Been using them for all my rsps needs. ONly site that's ever had what I wanted when i needed it. 3rd of April, 2017
johndagoat Sergio was very respectful kind and nice. we ran into some complications and he helped me through it thanks guys. 3rd of April, 2017
Mango my boys realist is a mad dog and i always get my money fast & easy with good prices, huge vouch 2nd of April, 2017
Migz Quick and easy 2nd of April, 2017
Civil Didn't get much, only 5m, but the response time was fast and the trade was quick and easy, will use again if the need arises. 1st of April, 2017
Taka brought 20m went fast! ty 1st of April, 2017
Alexander HANDS DOWN. Howest is the greatest person ive ever chatted with or traded with made the trade fast, effective, and funny. Ive never been more pleased! 1st of April, 2017
Todd As smooth as always. 30th of March, 2017
Anon Always bought from here, it's the cheapest and fastest option with the G2A payment method. Ordered about 80m from them overall and never had a problem. Thanks 29th of March, 2017
Rob Was quick and easy, ordered 5mil in osrs 28th of March, 2017
trick was fast and smooth ty 27th of March, 2017
John 10/10 service quick and easy! 26th of March, 2017
Bryan Was very skeptical but the service was great and the transaction was very fast 26th of March, 2017
Benjamin Fast, reliable and Efficient Dealer! I recommend it to everyone out there. 25th of March, 2017
Todd Second time buyer. Went as easy as the first time. Will be buying from again 24th of March, 2017
John Realist hooked me up with 10m delivery was less than a minute. Super easy and a couple cents cheaper than some of the other sites 24th of March, 2017
Jp Bought 20m - arrived instantly as advertised (went through the chat to discuss delivery). Super easy purchase. thanks. 24th of March, 2017
Zek Super quick, as soon as I bought some stuff I received it in about 2 minutes! Nice people good doing business with them :D 24th of March, 2017
Martin so fast, so easy! Sergio was very helpful and delivered within 2 mins of payment going through. Would happily use again! 24th of March, 2017
spencer Amazing site, always super fast and very professional. I'll never buy from anywhere else 23rd of March, 2017
NinoCuboy Awesome. Bought 50M got the delivery in less than 10 minutes. costumer service is amazing. if you have any doubts just contact the sellers through the chat (fast response). 23rd of March, 2017
Supreme Sin Amazing and fast delivery i love it! 21st of March, 2017
prediction Customer service that is second to none, where other sites will ignore you this site will help through every step. Thankyou Realistgold! 21st of March, 2017
The gold digger Great site, fast response and fast delivery. Thanks, turned the 200m i bought into 1,5b from the good old duel arena 21st of March, 2017
Nilz sgoe aa 21st of March, 2017
Markos I have used 5 sites, this website realistgold! is the best by faaaar!!!! They are cool, nice people, fair prices! and quick affff!!! 21st of March, 2017
DA Player best customer service ever! Smooth, fast and safe! 21st of March, 2017
MO I purchased 20m for $24 the cheapest i had ever gotten before. Highly recommend, faster than playerauctions 21st of March, 2017
Rustaaag The live chat was super helpfull and i was traded within 1 minute after my payment came through. Superb service. 21st of March, 2017
Sean Amazing, 10/10 customer service, delivery. Everything. Thanks much. 20th of March, 2017
yodo guys are super duper fast! 20th of March, 2017
Anonymous Fast and easy, great customer support! 20th of March, 2017
Cameron B I've purchased probably 10 separate times, each different amounts. No other website is as fast, and nice, and easy to use.. <3 Thanks guys. 19th of March, 2017
Anonymous 100% perfect sold them 135m osrs For csgo 18th of March, 2017
Bradcad Quick easy cheap 18th of March, 2017
Sumbooty Thank you fast easy 17th of March, 2017
jamie probably purchased around 200m easily from realist. by far the easiest gold site to deal with. 10/10! 17th of March, 2017
Baecois I think realist is gay x 17th of March, 2017
Quorts Super quick delivery and always professional. A++++ 17th of March, 2017
cheesecake friendly, quick, legit, cheap. 17th of March, 2017
Todd Easiest transaction ever. Will be buying from again. 17th of March, 2017
brandon first i had my doubts about this..but i took the chance and its worth it...good service and instand delivry!!i really would recommend this one so far the only legit one 17th of March, 2017
Quinten I did it once with 50M to be sure. And they are trustworthy! Did it again now with 100M. Got it instant! Keep it up guys ! :D 13th of March, 2017
Krisinepises Fast gold delivery I like it 13th of March, 2017
thememer +1 great service and fast 13th of March, 2017
Eric FAST DELIVERY OMG. Legit selling. LOW PRICES. Best site ever! 13th of March, 2017
Tony Great service. Had someone walk me through the entire process! 13th of March, 2017
Pkallday Great fast service! Will be using them more often 13th of March, 2017
xyz 5 stars 13th of March, 2017
b0 1b legit fast and smooth very good!+ rep 12th of March, 2017
Im gods gift Fast fast friendly service, cheapest prices I've found aswell! I recommend to anyone buying gold 12th of March, 2017
Josh Fastest gold delivery I've had and by far the fairest prices i've found. Highly recommend to anyone looking to buy runescape gold. 11th of March, 2017
Anonymous Smooth transaction and very professional. They have really cheap gold and id recommend them to everyone! 11th of March, 2017
DOPRRRR1 good and fast service<3 10th of March, 2017
Fxith Quick and easy! Though I'm disappointed with the Steam Skin prices in Euro to USD, but overall, nice quick support and straight forward! 10th of March, 2017
Dropperz Fan Quickest service in the world! 10th of March, 2017
taconigguh cheap and fast. me gusta mucho 9th of March, 2017
Zaedian Very customer friendly, fast and also nice to trade OSRS to CSGO skins! 9th of March, 2017
Justanoob22 I've sold Realist probably $30k+ of 07 gold very trusted, would recommend! 9th of March, 2017
Laz Very professional, Trusted with over 5000$ in one trade. I Recommend this website to anyone trying to buy cheap and safe gold. 9th of March, 2017
Chris I've sold a few billion to realist over time, never have had any issues. 9th of March, 2017
TFGOONER One of the most trusted dudes about, did easily over $20k worth of transactions with him and trusted him with ~3k at once, look no further for your cheap gp ;) 9th of March, 2017
Billy Excellent service, extremly quick, very nice staff, will definetly be making more purchases from this trusted seller, thanks! 8th of March, 2017
Scotty I'd like to think that the 500m 07 which I sold to Realist when he was just starting up helped him get the businessman bug. I admit, at the time I wasn't willing to do the whole 500m 07 in one trade, 24th of February, 2017
Darion Howest is an absolutely wonderful individual. The service and support is second to none. 24th of February, 2017
Quinten I just bought 50m RS3 Gold. Instant delivery! I like it :D Keep it up! 23rd of February, 2017