RealistGold: Terms of Service.

Below you can find our Terms of Service.
If however, you still have an unanswered question, feel free to contact our livechat which can be found in the bottom right hand corner.

This site is owned by the company RealistGold LTD. Established in June of 2016; a private limited company. RealistGold provides access to virtual goods, mainly Runescape related among other games.
By using and/or purchasing through this site you are aware of, and agree to the site and company's Terms and Conditions.
It is imperative that the Terms and Conditions are thoroughly read so that there are no misunderstandings.
RealistGold LTD. reserves the right to edit and enforce effective new Terms and Conditions and any point with no notice.

RealistGold LTD. (also referred to as 'the company') is not affiliated with Jagex LTD. or any parent companies.
Any names or trademarks that are registered or trademarks are rightful property of the respective owners.
Runescape is one of Jagex LTD's trademarks.

We take security seriously but we are not to be held liable for any malicious activity.
Any content within the website text/images etc are subject to International copyright laws of the respectful game owner/registrar.
Proxies, VPN/VPS usage is not allowed when visiting our site, the reason for this being that it will most likely result in a rejected payment.

G2A Pay

G2A Pay is the chosen payment processor used by RealistGold LTD. G2A Pay allows users to use a plethora of payment methods based on their location. Using G2A Pay allows for easier transactions and allows us to not force customers to provide ID, by using our website you are also in agreement with their Terms and Conditions found here . RealistGold LTD. accepts no liability for any payments or complications which occur through our third party processor G2A Pay.
Any complaints and/or queries should be directed to G2A Pay by e-mailing or
Additionally, users may also visit the G2A live supporthub here.
You are responsible for any additional fees/taxes/charges incurred through the third party payment processor.
RealistGold LTD. is responsible for managing and maintaining the product and ensure that once payments are processed the goods are delivered and that customer service is upheld.
By using our site you agree to provide a valid phone number if G2A require it (usually for larger orders).

G2A Shield

G2A Shield is totally optional and is not mandatory. It can be disabled at checkout if you do not wish to create a G2A account. RealistGold LTD. is not affiliated with the G2A Shield scheme however, this is managed by our third party payment processor G2A Pay.

Account Risk

We take great measures to ensure that our customers are not subject to any implications from game makers for buying Runescape gold.
Although extremely rare among our customers (not yet confirmed to have happened) we cannot guarantee bans won't occur from rwting and we are not responsible.
As a result, RealistGold LTD. will not be held accountable for anything lost prior/preceding a transaction.

Further Interaction & Refunds

RealistGold LTD. will NEVER ask for items to be returned.
Once the transaction has been completed and the goods delivered, our interaction comes to an end.
The company is not to be held liable for anything regarding your account.


Transactions are final.
However, in the odd scenario where there has been a complication or the customer has not received an item and wants their money returned for whatever reason, the company may find it suitable to issue a refund.


The company reserves the right to provide our payment processor and/or authorities with any information if fraud is suspected.
The company also fully reserves the right to share any information provided through a transaction with the payment processor and/or other merchants.


Customers must be vigilant when purchasing, the livechat in the bottom right-hand corner indicates the status of delivery.
If the livechat is set to an Away or Offline status payments can still be processed but customers should not expect deliveries until the livechat is back online.
As long as a payment has processed and the livechat is on, we can assure an almost instant delivery.
For any queries and/or complaints please e-mail


Anybody operating livechat is an operator acting in the best interest of RealistGold LTD. RealistGold LTD. receives a commission from the sales which operators make through transactions processed.